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Carlo toured as a freelance pop musician in Belgium and abroad for twenty years. In addition, he created a wind section and several groups, of which he is very proud.

With Tom Hautekiet (1970-2020) he founded the Antwerp Mambo collective  “EL TATTOO DEL TIGRE” in 1999.

For ten years he was one of those that were at the helm of this fantastic band. They recorded three CDs, which sold about thirty thousand copies combined, and experienced numerous memorable concerts. They performed at events such as Werchter (twice) and many other festivals, and also abroad, in the Netherlands, France, Austria and Norway.

(Live excerpt)

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Together with Frank Deruytter, Lode Mertens, and Dieter Limbourg, he founded Otomachine in 2017.

O(n) T(he) O(ne)- Machine is a 15-member funk band around saxophonist-singer Frank Deruytter.

Frank, one of Belgium's most sought-after musicians for more than 30 years, has become a household name in the music scene.

After having performed in the background of numerous top formations, he is now moving to the front.

After having formed a jazz quartet with, amongst others,  Peter Erskine, he decided to form a 'funk-big band' that exclusively plays On The One. In January 2014 he contacted Dieter Limbourg and Lode Mertens, who were making a name for themselves as arrangers in the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.

They reworked Frank's compositions for this band, which led to tight and swirling arrangements.
The composition of the band consists of a nice series of famous names that represent the top of the Belgian jazz and pop world.
The result is a steamy band, with a skin-penetrating sound that delivers a dazzling and impressive performance.

(Live excerpt)

(Listen to Otomachine on Spotify)

(Interview Cross-Over Magazine 2017)


There is also a spin-off of Otomachine that goes by the name of Minimachine.

The origins of Otomachine and Minimachine lie in Groovemania and have traveled several paths, including "Franste" and "The Perfect Host",  of which Carlo was always a part.

(Listen to Groovemania on Spotify)

(Listen to Franste on Spotify)

(Listen to The Perfect Host on Spotify)

The Heavy Horns was founded in 2000 by Carlo, Frank Deruytter and Nico Schepers. The reason was the great demand for a permanent horn section, since this no longer existed after the disappearance of the BRT Jazz Orchestra. 

This formation guarantees a solid performance of any style. From pop, over jazz, to even pure classical, always with the greatest care for the authenticity of these genres. This is thanks to the fact that the gentlemen of this section have been active in all these music genres for years.


The formation can be expanded according to the artist's request, to a real big band or concert band, as can be heard in the film Brabançonne, for example.

See Discogs for an overview of many collaborations.

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