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Carlo Mertens

My recordings originated because I wanted to challenge myself. I only made these recordings for myself as a study goal. This is how I got to know my ProTools (recording program) and how I keep my level up.

Many of the recordings are by Flemish composer and arranger Steven Verhelst, a good friend of mine. But I also recorded works by Jan Van der Roost, Wim Bex, L. Beethoven, Eijiro Nakagawa, Willem van Merwijk, Robert Schuman, J.S. Bach, Santi Miguel Alarcon, Richard Wagner, Hans Zimmer, Frigyes Hidas, Laurence Rose, Daniel Schnyder, Morten Lauridsen, Jereb Ervin, Istvan Marta, Christian Lindber, G.F. Händel, Astor Piazzolla, Henri Tomasi, Angel Villoldo, ‘Earth, Wind & Fire, Tom Schipper, Antonio Lotti, Marchal Silkes, and Samuel Barber.

One recording turned out better than the other, and although it was never the intention to go public with them, here they all are, anyway. The only virtual additions that were used, are Altiverb, a plug-in that puts you in another space (e.g., a basilica, sauna, studio, etc.) and a drum machine.

For the rest it was sometimes toil and sweat to get it recorded. I have made a couple of subdivisions, but it all remains quite eclectic. There is an index in which you can find everything that is on the site.

On these recordings I play all the trombones myself. On the classical recordings that is an ADAMS Custom Series Silver bell, a Shires Tenor trombone with F-valve (4B), Alto trombone is a Yamaha YSL-67, and Bass trombone is a BACH Bass trombone 50A3. For the Jazz pieces I play on a composite Edwards T302.

The mouthpieces I use:

  • On my ADAMS Custom Series Silver Bell: GIDDINGS TZ-103

  • On my SHIRES: Dennis Wick 5ABL

  • On my Yamaha Alt trombone YLS-67: Dennis Wick 7GS

  • On my Bach Bastrombone: Dennis Wick 2AL

  • On my Edwards H 8: Vincent Bach 6-1/2 AM

And for those who like lists and want to count:

  • There are 119 recordings

  • In total, I played 747 Trombones

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