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Tribute concert Theo

In memory of my father, I organized this tribute concert on March 5, 2008 in cooperation with the municipality of Edegem. This was inspired by the many Edegem Basilica concerts Theo used to organize at the time.

The works were composed and arranged by Theo or frequently played with his Brass Ensemble. They were supplemented with new compositions and arrangements, which we made especially for this concert.
The line-up consists of four trumpets, four horns, three trombones, a bass tuba and three percussionists.

The first piece, titled “Space”, is a composition by Theo for which the Horns are put in the four corners of the church.

The works “Theonomie & Sonics for Brass” were composed especially for this occasion by Bert Joris and Steve Willaert.

In the selection from “Dido & Aeneas” Gwen Creesens plays the accordion and Liesbeth Devos sings the magnificent "When I'm laid in earth".

In Solveight song I play the trombone myself and I took a recording of Theo to play the middle part. This is how past and present merged.

“Answer me” by Nat King Cole is not an arrangement by Theo, but I had Gyuri Spies make it especially for this concert. It is sung by Frank Deruytter and the bugle is played by Nico Schepers.


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